Sunday, 10 April 2016

Alejandra de la Fuente Bozzo, Costa Rican paraíso

Alejandra de la Fuente Bozzo, gregarious daughter of Peruvian talk show host and Latina version of Jerry Springer, Laura Bozzo and “Paris Hilton of Latin America”, “Peruvian Kim Kardashian” or whatever contemporary modelling socialite comparison is opportune to make shared culote and cleavage from Costa Rican paraíso, along with sagacious, if rather convoluted rhetorical wisdom on the socially ethical merits of advertising on targeted ad-revenue 800lb social gorilla Facebook-owned Instagram.

Alejandra de la Fuente Bozzo, Instagram
“1 day left in Costa Rica and I already can’t wait to be back 😻 #puravida”
Alejandra de la Fuente Bozzo, Instagram
“Paraíso 🐠🌺”
Alejandra de la Fuente Bozzo, Instagram
“Buen día !!!! Como es que alguna gente con tal de vender publicidades a costa de uno, son capaces de todo 😂😂 que pena, no aguantan ver cada vez mejor y feliz a uno y solo se la pasan hablando y inventando cosas, vivan y dejen vivir!! y si algo no les gusta pues no vivan pendientes 😜😂😩 igual los quiero besitos #keeptalking”
(“Good day !!!! How is it that some people just to sell advertising at someone’s expense, are capable of anything 😂😂 shame, cannot stand to see getting better and happy and only spend talking and inventing things, live and let live !! and if you do not like something outstanding for not living like I love 😜😂 😩 kisses #keeptalking”)
Info: Alejandra de la Fuente on Instagram.

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