Sunday, 10 April 2016

Suzy Cortez, all things ball supporting

Miss BumBum Brazil 2015 Suzy Cortez continued parade of her most enviable bunda abundante and all things Barcelona and São Paulo ball supporting—and with more intriguing promise which, like last time (9th Dec. 2015), dear Instagram and its no nudity vow will alas likely regrettably thwart the pictorial fulfilment which we may desire.

Suzy Cortez, Instagram
Suzy Cortez, Instagram
“Em solidariedade ao grande ídolo #messi do nosso @fcbarcelona e seu gesto nobre de doar suas chuteiras e não ser compreendido pelo cara do Egito vou doar as minhas também, em breve vou dizer como farei. 🔴🔵 #musacule #messi #suzycortez #missbumbumbrasil #viscabarça #barça”
(“In solidarity with the great idol #messi of our @fcbarcelona and his noble gesture of donating his boots and not understood by the men of Egypt I will give mine too, I will soon tell you how I will do.”)

In reference to the Argentinian Barcelona player’s dismissed offer of a pair of his used football boots as donation to raise money for charity during an Egyptian television program: Lionel Messi’s shoes—“The greatest insult in Egyptian history?” ( A cultural faux pas perhaps though considering the significance of shoes in Arabic culture, shoes being considered one of the lowliest of items, because they literally touch the ground, and found a dirty and inappropriate object gifted or otherwise; indeed, you may remember an Iraqi journalist throwing one for US Pres. George Bush to duck (Wikipedia).

Suzy Cortez, Instagram
“Meu apoio ao barça ! Muito amor envolvido #Visca @fcbarcelona !!! 🔴🔵 #ElClasico #GraciesJohan #ForçaBarça #musacule #viscabarça #suzycortez #missbumbumbrasil 💗💗”
(“My support for Barcelona! Much love involved”)
Suzy Cortez, Instagram
“E como todos sabem no Brasil além de musa tricolor eu também sou torcedora claro ! E não poderia deixar de fazer minha homenagem a esta goleada de hoje @saopaulofc o melhor time do Brasil ⬤ ◯ 🔴 #juntossomosmaisfortes #spfc #musatricolor #suzycortez”
(“And as everyone knows in Brazil as well as tricolor muse I am also clear supporter! And I could not make my tribute to this rout [as in SSãoo Paulo’s thrashing of Trujillanos FC] today @saopaulofc the best team in Brazil”)
Suzy Cortez, Instagram
“Green eyes , Today was so 💦💦 Sou a atual Campeã do concurso Miss Bumbum Miss Brasil com muito orgulho”
(“I am proudly the current champion of the Miss Miss Butt Brazil contest”)
Suzy Cortez, Instagram
“Abalamos na goleada homenagem ao meu tricolor #musatricolor #juntossomosmaisfortes #spfc #missbumbumbrasil2015”
(“Shook up at the rout after my tricolor #musatricolor”)
Info: Suzy Cortez on Instagram.

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